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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 9, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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♪ this is france 24. welcome to 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. a battle brewing in brussels. poland's former prime minister is set to be reelected as european council president but he is facing opposition from his own country's government. the leader of the islamic state lroup reportedly fled mosu weeks ago.
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the cia hits back at the document dump from wikileaks, saying it's putting americans in danger. the website revealed spy hacking techniques on smartphones and tvs. is it the end of the ecb's spending spree? europe's central bank has some difficult decisions to make. more on that in our business update. the man who has been dubbed france's elvis presley is being treated for cancer. more on that from 73-year-old johnny halliday later. first our top story live from paris. ♪ genie: we will start in brussels, where the eu summit is getting underway.
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former prime minister sk is facing tough opposition from his own government. in more now let's bring meabh mcmahon. is the polish government still holding up the process? >> absolutely. just scanning through the polish press this morning, the prime minister has been speaking to them saying he will do to -- the votean taking place on the president of the european council president today. he will go as far as blocking .he official conclusions
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they do not favor the reelection of donald tusk. up atle is meant to be the end of february. they believe there is enough time in the next two months to find another suitable candidate. the polish prime minister sent a letter to the 27 heads of state ahead of this eu summit saying she believes that donald tusk was playing a role in the .pposition in poland using his role as european council president to voice his opinions on domestic issues in warsaw. she supported another candidate. a member of european parliament from the center right who is really unknown among political leaders. they respect donald tusk and they want to see him continue in this role for the next two and a half years to help steer europe
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through these troubled times. many have been saying it might be that the polish are just out tuskck and that donald t will be reelected. genie: what else is on the agenda for the summit? brexit is although it's not officially written in the schedule. >> people don't like here in brussels using that term. they are trying to strike a more optimistic tone. will be putting together a declaration about the future of .urope where they wanted to go
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the u.k. prime minister will discuss this important document. they will be waiting patiently for that article 50 to be triggered. many saying they expect it in the last week of march. byy will reply formally paper and meet in april to discuss the way forward. genie: thank you. wedding in the town of tikrit was hit with a suicide bomb. the bomber detonated his explosives only to be followed by a second attacker who blew himself up when people gathered to help the victims of the first explosion. most of the dead were children. thefight to take back western half of the iraqi city of mosul continues.
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u.s. defense officials saying the leader of the islamic state group actually fled mosul sometime before the offensive began. that is where the leader declared his so-called caliphate almost three years ago. since then the militants have lost over half of the land they have seized across syria and iraq. gallagher fenwick told us more about reaction that the islamic state leader had left. >> one man who lives close to the location where we are in ul was saying he would have liked to see the dead body of the leader of the islamic state organization. other folks are saying the fact that he has fled is both an indication of the fact that victory is very near but also symbolizes the fact that he is
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no honorable leader and rather a coward because he chose to leave his troops behind who are facing defeat rather than engage in combat alongside his troops. those are the kinds of reactions that we are getting. words from iraqi military officers whose troops are advancing towards downtown mosul. yet anotheris victory for them after the recapturing of key infrastructure in the city and large portions of the city. there is still pretty fierce resistance being put up why the jihadists. in the u.s., hawaii has become the first state to file a lawsuit against president donald trump's revised a travel ban saying it will harm its muslim population, tourism and foreign students.
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a previous lawsuit was put on hold well other cases played out across the country. the revised executive order bars new pieces for people from six predominantly muslim countries and temporarily shut down the u.s. refugee program. it doesn't apply to travelers who already have leases. -- visas. the cia has lashed out at wikileaks over its latest document dump saying it puts americans in danger. published over 9000 documents leaked from the cia. ciae documents revealed hackers can turn a tv into a listening device and even control your car. more on reaction from the cia. the cia has shot back at wikileaks thing they have in americans. the central intelligence agency informationks's
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dump has equipped u.s. adversaries with information that could harm the country and hurt the government's fight against terrorism. a senior official said the leak had major implications. >> this is cia's edward snowden. this is huge. in terms of what it will tell the adversaries we will have to essentially start over in building tools to get information. tothe cia has refused confirm the authenticity of the nearly 9000 documents but they said it is illegal for them to spy on americans. the leak showed the u.s. government can hack into almost device connected to the internet. can be bypassed. just a few months ago during the presidential campaign, donald trump praised the site. >> wikileaks, i love wikileaks. >> after they published the mills of hillary clinton.
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now the white house has changed its tune. >> anybody who links classified information will be held to the highest degree of law. this is playing with our nation's national security. >> how wikileaks received the information remains unclear. many believe the trove was handed over by an individual either in the agency or from a contractor. the fbi is preparing an investigation and they are likely to interview hundreds of agents. genie: automall has declared three days of mourning after a fire at a government run children's shelter killed 22 teenage girls. the shelter was hosting miners who were victims of domestic violence or found living on the street. the tragedy has also focused attention on allegations of sexual abuse in the facility. hoping to hear from their
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, crying relatives crowded the entrance to the shelter where a deadly fire made over a dozen victims on wednesday. didn't these mothers know whether their children were alive or dead. i don't know how it happened. the mattresses caught fire. a lot of teenagers got burned. some died. they didn't tell us anything and they are not letting us in. to have is believed started during an overnight rebellion in the shelter. authorities have launched an investigation to determine the precise circumstances surrounding the tragedy. >> we have denounced this to the public ministry. we will now try to find out what caused the incident and determine who is responsible. >> the shelter has been targeted
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by several complaints alleging sexual abuse and poor living conditions. dozens of children ran away in the past year to escape ill-treatment. >> i already filed a complaint with the prosecutor general's office against the abuses they were subjected to. i was told they were given drugs. guatemala'sa -- government declared three days of national mourning before demanding those in charge of the shelter be dismissed. genie: lawyers for the haveonaire heir to samsung denied all charges brought against him linked to a political corruption scandal that has gone all the way to the president. he was arrested and indicted last month on bribery and embezzlement. charges that could lead to at least five years in prison. prosecutors say he and samsung executives used corporate funds
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to bribe the south korean president at one of her friends in exchange for supporting a smooth leadership transition at the world's biggest smartphone maker. ist hearing comes as samsung already struggling to recover from a recall scandal. bruce harrison told us more about what is at stake. >> he has been charged with trying to bribe the government and he was doing that essentially to get a deal that would allow him to maintain control over samsung and control for his family. if he is accused of bribery in this very high-profile case he paces five years to life in prison. such a conviction, such a blemish on a family, it would make it very hard for the family to maintain control of the massive corporation. some football news now. last night one of the biggest upsets in champions league
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history. barcelona scored three miracle goals just minutes away from paris 621., crushing that is a major blow to the french team. match that was akin to a cold shower. these fans can't believe what just happened. slated to win, their football team just lost against barcelona. booting them from the champions league. >> we had a 100% chance of winning. we thought it was over for them. >> we just took a beating. the match will go down in history. >> paris had every reason to believe in victory. they won the previous match against barcelona at home which meant they could afford to lose the return game by five goals, but not by six. barcelona turned the situation around in the final seven
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minutes. much to the devastation and joy of the coaches. >> i'm learning for the future. today it's clear we all lost a good opportunity. >> beatitude from my players has been spectacular. they took a lot of risks. it is impossible to take more risks than we did today. above all this was a victory of faith. a nightmare for the paris team and a miracle for barcelona. the match will go down in the record books as the greatest comeback in the champions league. ursula now advances to the quarterfinals. genie: the man who has been dubbed the elvis of france is being treated for cancer. that's 73-year-old johnny halliday, the best loved singer in france. he has been turning out hits since the 1950's. he broke the news via twitter saying he was shocked by the
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alarmist reports circulating on social media. he says he is getting treatment for cancer but he is doing fine. he had a brush with death in wentwhen some back surgery wrong. he returned quickly to the concert circuit. time for our business update. you're going to start with the ecb which is meeting today. >> a very important meeting for mario draghi. interest rates are at record lows. the bank is buying 60 billion euros worth of bonds per month in an effort to stimulate the eurozone. now for the first time since 2013 inflation has reached the bank's target of 2%. the question is whether that figure will mean the end of rate hikes. thatthink it's quite clear
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this has been mainly driven by food and energy. time, core inflation, all the components without food and energy, remain unchanged at very low levels. just 1% for the past few months. there are no signs that this is going to accelerate anytime soon at a high pace. i think there is no incentive for the ecb to change their policy. downside andn the there is a political timetable in europe over the next few months. it's not worth changing policy right now. genie: oil prices have been slumping. >> they fell to their lowest in a year. crude stockpiles in the united the ninthe for straight week. the australian and canadian dollar have also fallen as they fear the rise of a new oversupply.
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the international benchmark for oil as well as the wti saw more than 5% on wednesday. they are falling again today. wti slipped below $50. the uncertainty has driven european markets slightly down. the ftse 100 is down. in london domino's pizza shares dropped 12% due to weaker u.k. growth. down 3% after they published the most recent set of results. genie: nestle is getting close to a deal to open a new factory in cuba. >> it has been one of the biggers investors on the island itse the country opened borders to the western capital in the 1990's. more on this story. >> time for a well-deserved
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break for these workers in havana. just as their boss, the vice president of nestle touches down in cuba to talk business. the swiss food giant has produced ice cream and bottled water on the island since the 1990's. he says there are new opportunities to be seized. going to double in the coming years and today demand is only partially covered by local production. people here still rely on imports. announced a 50 million euro investment to build a factory on the island and start losing coffee, biscuits and cooking products. foreignban law, all companies have to form a joint venture with a cuban company. the deal is pending formal government approval.
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this site is designed to welcome dozens of joint ventures and will be governed by special laws. the aim is to attract foreign investment and boost local production. cuba's government has set a goal of 1.8 billion euros in foreign investment to modernize the economy. they have so far failed to meet that target. something a bit off about some of donald trump's new merchandise. team has started selling a green make america great again hat for st. patrick's day. a few days ago twitter users started pointing out that there is no shamrock on the hat. instead it features a four leaf clover which is completely unrelated to ireland. irish shamrocks only have three leaves. hat is no longer on the site. at-shirt company is offering clover t-shirt touting, this is
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a shamrock -- as an alternative fact. genie: time for our press review. allison sergeant is with us to take a look at the papers today. let's start in asia where many papers are concerned over escalating tensions in the region after the u.s. began deploying the antimissile system in south korea. >> this has been dominating newspapers in the region. it's a highly controversial move , particularly in china. there is op-ed in the chinese paper that says deployment is meant to protect the interests of the u.s. and south korea and not south koreans themselves. in this cartoon south korea is struggling under the weight of maintaining peace and balance in the region while the large hand of the u.s. is adding weight. this cartoon sends the message
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that the u.s. is taking advantage of south korea. we see a south korean sweating as he chose a missile system with a wealthy uncle sam riding on it like a royal chariot. genie: the korean press has a very different take on the situation. >> china's foreign minister neglected to mention china's role in the conflict, instead blaming the escalation on south korea and the u.s. policyas a two-faced when it comes to korea and the u.s. calls itorial irresponsible and dangerous. the paper says it reinforces a pitsold war alliance which the u.s. and south korea against north korea, china and russia. genie: the wikileaks revelation of cia hacking tool is making waves.
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>> that revelation disturbed many americans and people who are proponents of online privacy. the washington post reminds us that there is not yet any evidence that those tactics were used improperly by the cia. the paper chastises wikileaks thing it's core mission is not transparency but undermining u.s. national security. there's an article in the guardian today that cannot reassure you if you are concerned about privacy. a cybermey spoke at security conference the other day and said there is no such thing as absolute privacy. any of us can be compelled to testify in court as witnesses. genie: the eu heads of government are meeting today to decide whether or not donald tusk will carry out a second term as president. most european states support him with the exception of one. >> that's his home country, poland. it accuses him of supporting an illegitimate attempt to overthrow the polish government.
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he is still expected to be reelected. the polish prime minister has appealed to eu leaders in a letter urging them to support a rival candidate they have put forward. the majority of people in poland want tusk to stay. oles wantows 54% of p him to serve a second term. genie: in france the headlines are dominated by foot all -- but all -- football and that awful defeat against barcelona. >> from barcelona it was incredible. i scored three of those six goals within seven minutes of each other. disappointment after the magical when they had in the first match.
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this is a play on words in france -- unqualified double. unspeakably terrible loss but also unquantifiable in that they literally did not qualify for the quarterfinals. inside the paper, paris has gone from magic to tragic. they say you really shouldn't have brought us up so high if it was only to bring us down the slope. genie: a quiz for all of you out there. does anybody know how to spell the word -- >> i do not. it's a sanskrit word for knowledge acquired through meditation in the hindu tradition. there is a five-year-old girl in tulsa, oklahoma who spelled it correctly as the youngest ever winner of her regional spelling bee. she will be competing with kids
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up to three times her age at the national spelling bee. her mother said the most incredible thing about her winning the competition was that she was able to sit still for so long. genie: if you're interested, j-a
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